"48 Hours:" Crime Victim or Mastermind?

Strapped with Dynamite, a Woman Robs a Bank to Save her 7-year-old Daughter Held Hostage by a Team of Gunmen

A relaxing evening at home quickly turned into a night of terror for bank manager Michelle Renee when three masked gunmen burst into her Vista, Calif. home and took her and her 7-year-old daughter, Breea, hostage. But this was no random break-in. Renee, a 35-year-old divorced mother was the assistant vice president at a local branch of Bank of America... and these gunmen knew exactly who she was and where she worked.

The gunmen held them captive overnight and in the morning strapped dynamite onto the back of Michelle Renee and her daughter. Breea was shoved into a closet while Renee was forced to rob the very bank she managed. Shortly after the bank opened, Renee cleaned out the vault and handed over a duffel bag filled with $360,000 to one of the gunmen. Just as quickly as they entered her home, the intruders disappeared.

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911: "They Tied Dynamite to Us"

While it seemed as though Michelle Renee was the victim of a violent kidnapping, investigators, including FBI agents, were suspicious. The dynamite that had so terrorized her turned out to be fake. But even more implausible to investigators was her claim that she recognized one of the masked robbers as a customer, even though he had been in her bank only once. Renee had also filed for bankruptcy in the weeks before the crime.

Was Michelle Renee really a victim, or was she the mastermind of this crime?

"48 Hours Mystery" correspondent Susan Spencer reports on this puzzling case in "Show Me the Money," Saturday, Oct. 3 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.