43rd Season of "60 Minutes" Kicks Off Sunday

Sept. 26 Premiere Also Marks the Debut of New Web Site, 60MinutesOvertime.com

"60 Minutes" begins its 43rd season with timely stories on the war in Afghanistan, the controversy at New York's Ground Zero and the Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the New Orleans Saints.

The season premiere of "60 Minutes" will be broadcast this Sunday, Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Logan's report takes viewers to the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan, where she and her crew came under enemy fire from fighters who the U.S. military says continuingly come from their sanctuary in Pakistan.

Pelley looks at the national debate that has flared up near Ground Zero in New York City over opposition to building an Islamic Center and prayer room nearby. Then Kroft talks to Drew Brees, the MVP quarterback who led the Saints to their first-ever Super Bowl victory, just a few years after the city was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Also debuting Sunday night is "60 Minutes Overtime" (60minutesovertime.com), a new Web site that will be the first programmed entirely with originally produced "60 Minutes" content. The launch of "60 Minutes Overtime" will contain stories about the filming of the dangerous fire fight in Afghanistan, Brees explaining the art of practice as he prepares for the season at the team's training facility and a look back at the very first "60 Minutes" in 1968, featuring an interview with Andy Rooney.