3 Tips to Improve Your Focus

Last Updated Jun 18, 2008 7:14 PM EDT

2080809787_5637e4743c_m.jpgAndre Kibbe recently suggested a simple strategy for keeping your mind on the tasks or goals at hand -- or, as he puts it, returning your attention to your intention.

The trick? Creating visual cues that let you literally keep your eyes on the prize. Three great tips that'll improve your focus

Review your calendar first thing in the morning. This visual cue creates a focus for the day, says Kibbe, before your mind has a chance to wander. Create reminders to reinforce new habits. Set alarms on your computer, watch or cellphone to remind you to tackle your action. A key hint: Set reminders for just before you think you'll forget, not earlier, for maximum reinforcement effect.

Make sure the actions on your task list can be visualized.
Avoid abstractions like "learn" and "remind." Instead, use words like "read" or "call."

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