100 Twitter Feeds for Grads in Need of Jobs

Last Updated Mar 18, 2010 10:42 AM EDT

Twitter feeds for job hunting gradsGraduation is still a few months off but college students who are about to enter a tough job market, are no doubt already fretting about finding post-school employment. They're hitting the career center, scouring online job boards and working their personal network from internships and class, but there's one more new and often over-looked resource they should consider -- Twitter.
As blog CAREEREALISM points out Twitter is a valuable new tool for job seekers, but for those relatively new to the site, how can they find and follow the right people to here about the gig of their dreams? Blog Online Degrees.net is helping out this week with an exhaustive list of 100 Twitter feeds for those on the hunt for a job. Among their suggestions are regional feeds, such as @nymarketingjobs, @Detroitjob, @phoenixtechjobs and @JobsMiami, as well feeds for particular industries and feeds offering general job search tips. To get you started here is the blog's top Twitter feed for job searching generally:
And, of course, for general work and career advice for the young and ambitious, you can follow @EntryLevelRebel on Twitter.

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