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10-Year Sentence For Mayo Mayhem

A woman who ran down a McDonald's restaurant manager after she didn't get mayonnaise on her cheeseburger was sentenced to 10 years in prison Thursday for aggravated assault.
Waynetta Nolan, 37, has said she didn't mean to run over Sherry Jenkins, who was dragged across the burger chain's parking lot during the incident and broke her pelvis.

After ordering at the drive-thru April 23, Nolan became angry when she was told the restaurant's cheeseburgers didn't come with mayonnaise. Witnesses said she threw the burger back through the drive-thru window.

The manager offered her another burger but Nolan then complained about her french fries and drink.

When she couldn't pacify her customer, the manager called police and was told to take down the woman's license plate number. When she went outside, Nolan hit her with her car.

Nolan was later arrested at her home.

Nolan testified she was startled by a car horn, accelerated and accidentally hit Jenkins.

She also testified she thought she'd just rolled over "a bump."

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