10 Truths of Innovation

In an innovative organisation:
  1. Process is important but it's innovation behaviour that's make the difference. How innovative people behave with each other is widely understood and practised.
  2. They know they don't know all the answers. They have a highly adaptable framework or mindset which encourages experimentation.
  3. They have a clear sense of their purpose in the world, which engages their people and inspires them to innovate.
  4. They have a clear innovation strategy which supports business strategy.
  5. The don't fudge the difference between incremental and game-changing innovation.
  6. Innovation is a key factor in everyone's role across the organisation.
  7. Cynicism and apathy are not swept under the carpet -- they get dealt with.
  8. They tell stories about their success, this gives confidence that 'we can innovate around here.'
  9. The rewards for innovation are clear and compelling at a personal, team and company level.
  10. The outcome of not innovating is made clear, however painful it might be.