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10 Hottest Jobs in America for 2011

Here are the 10 hottest jobs in America for 2010.

Want to know what the hottest jobs in America are right now?Eiffel Tower
The University of California San Diego Extension recently released it's annual report of the hottest jobs for Americans with college degrees.

Looking at the list of the top 10 careers, healthcare is huge and possessing technical skills is also a major plus among the hot careers. If those aren't your thing, can you handle traveling abroad? English teachers overseas are in big demand.

10 Hottest Jobs in America

1. Teaching English overseas.

In recent years, opportunities for English teaching positions abroad has soared. Americans can find lucrative teaching positions in almost any country in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central and South America.

2. Financial examiner/Internal auditor

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting a 41% increase in this field. The biggest employers are governments, securities firms, banks, insurance carriers and healthcare services.

3. Mobile media.

Graphic designers, videographers, video editors, casual game/app developers and software engineers are needed to design and develop Web sites and create video content, software applications, games, interfaces and mobile platforms as demand increases for Web content and next-generation cell phones.

4. Healthcare case managers.

Case managers are healthcare advocates who help patients understand their current health status and how they should proceed. The number of case managers working in hospital admission offices has doubled since 2010!

5. Spanish translators.

Americans who also speak Spanish, one of the world's fastest growing languages, have skills that are highly marketable in many fields including advertising, aerospace, defense, patents, energy and entertainment.

6. Healthcare information technology.

Technicians are needed for such emerging jobs as healthcare integration engineers, healthcare system analysts, clinical IT consultants and technology support specialists.

7. Data mining and analytics.

Data mining specialists can extract specific information or patterns from large databases. Data mining can provide answers to questions that were once too time consuming to obtain.

8. Occupational health and safety.

You can be more desirable in the job market if you can add safety expertise as a skill. Safety specialists are particularly needed in industries involving chemical, physical and biological agents.

9. Geriatric healthcare.

This is hardly a sexy field, but the aging of America is generating more jobs in such areas as nursing, personal care and home healthcare.

10. Green jobs.

By the mid-21st century, all jobs will be sustainable green jobs. Organizations today must address potential regulatory changes and look for business growth opportunities in a new era of sustainable environmental economics.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy is author of The College Solution, an Amazon bestseller, and she also writes her own college blog at The College Solution.
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