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Up to half-foot of rain set to impact already high water levels

As we got more rain, flooding and high water levels are impacting more and more places
As we got more rain, flooding and high water levels are impacting more and more places 01:54

STILLWATER, Minn. — Rising waters in the St. Croix River have swallowed up benches in Stillwater, while also closing the aptly named Water Street in St. Paul near the Mississippi River.

It affected Dana Egler and Luca Jo Groppoli's visit to Stillwater's riverbank.

"We wanted to meet in the gazebo by the river, but it's underwater right now, so we're doing the next best thing and just walking by," said Dana Egler from Centuria, Wis.    

In her ten years in Stillwater, Groppoli said she's never seen the water this high.

"It's not normal, lets say that," said Groppoli.

Now, a forecast for up to six inches of rain, is set to make the water even higher.

"Brainerd and south is kind of the area that's expected to be hit the most," said Tyler Hasenstein.

Hasenstein is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities. He said smaller rivers and streams will be the first areas to be impacted.


It'll take about five to seven days for larger bodies of water like the St. Croix to see impacts, he said.

"You're just going to see all of these water levels just continuing to rise over the next week or so," said Hasenstein.

Expect to see a prolonged period of above normal river and lake levels, he said, as we heard toward the end of the month.

"Those that live in those areas that are prone to flooding or sensitive to flooding, it's definitely going to be a period to watch out for," said Hasenstein.

The city of Golden Valley recently published out some tips for residents. News Flash • Flood Risk And Preparedness.

If you live in or near a flood plain:

  • Check and maintain your sump pump and consider a backup
  • Install a water alarm to monitor your basement
  • Keep storm drains and waterways clear of debris
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