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Where are the mosquito "hot spots" in the Twin Cities this year?

Mosquito season in full swing in Twin Cities — here’s where it’s worst
Mosquito season in full swing in Twin Cities — here’s where it’s worst 02:02

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Mosquito season is in full swing, and some parts of the metro are worse than others.

"Every day is a little bit different, but it's always very busy," Metropolitan Mosquito Control District entomologist Diane Crane said.

Crane is swamped this time of year. Her team at MMCD say the bugs have surpassed the 10-year average, a marker hit last year, too.

"Always mosquitos, all summer long," she said.

According to MMCD spokesperson Alex Carlson, the organization broke a record last week with 315 calls and reports in one day – a lot of those calls coming from mosquito "hot spots."

"This year, it's been a lot more rainy in May than it was the past couple years," Carlson said.

MMCD says right now Carver and Scott counties — places like Carver, Chaska, Belle Plaine and Jordan — have a high mosquito count, as does northern Anoka County.

Carlson says hot spots are caused by a combination of high water levels, heavy rainfall and even restricted treatment areas. A dry up in June and July could help.

"If we follow the past couple years, we could be at our peak right now," Carlson said. "And then the rest of the summer, we'll see a gradual decline. But again, the rain can change that."

Removing any standing water from your yard or neighborhood, and wearing light, loose and long clothing will help repel the bug. Experts can't say how much longer the surge in swatting will stay.

"We're kind of watching the rain. But right now, we've had a lot of it. And there's not really an end in sight," Carlson said.

If you feel like bugs are bad in your area, contact the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District.  

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