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Teenage boy shot several times in St. Paul's North End neighborhood

St. Paul first responders present plan to tackle crime
St. Paul first responders present plan to tackle crime 02:11

ST. PAUL, Minn. — A teenage boy was shot multiple times Wednesday afternoon in St. Paul.

Police say officers were called to the 400 block of Maryland Avenue West in the city's North End neighborhood at about 3:30 p.m. 


The victim was soon found at a nearby residence, suffering from gunshot wounds to his arm, leg and torso. He is being treated at Regions Hospital, and is expected to survive.

Just hours before, first responders were in front of the city council presenting their plan to tackle crime over the next three years.

Police Chief Axel Henry says every murder so far this year has been solved and wants to keep that momentum going.

"If you can do that for murder cases, why can't you do that for nonfatal shootings," Henry said. "And there's a lot of differences between those cases, not the least of which is, folks don't necessarily take those as seriously as others."

Using $13 million dollars in new state safety funds, St. Paul's first responders would add new tools and staff to help in that mission.

EMS coordinators to handle critical calls, mobile surveillance trailers to place in high crime areas and outreach workers to build trust among victims and their families, to solve unsolved crimes like Wednesday's shooting.

"One of the leading causes for cases to go offline for us is a lack of cooperation," Henry said. "But maybe with a community engagement specialist, that will help us with that process."

Police are still investigating, and no one is in custody.

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