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Minnehaha Creek on alert for high water and flash flooding this weekend, officials say

Minnehaha Creek’s rising water level has onlookers engrossed, residents worried
Minnehaha Creek’s rising water level has onlookers engrossed, residents worried 01:58

MINNEAPOLIS — The sound of rushing water brought Cassandra and Jesse Spalding from their home in the Field neighborhood of Minneapolis.

"It's pretty cool," said Cassandra Spalding.

"Looks like you could actually kayak in it," said Jesse Spalding.

While the flowing creek may be breathtaking for those passing by, nearby residents in Edina were prepping their properties Wednesday by laying out sandbags.

Also on Wednesday, the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District decreased Gray's Bay Dam discharge by half, to account for the forecasted rains this weekend.

With up to four inches of rain expected through Saturday, officials said they are on alert for flash flooding along the creek.

Thursday's water levels are still a far cry from what we saw almost 10 years ago to the day, when the creek flooded yards and streets, with a historic crest of more than 17.5 feet. For perspective, Thursday's creek levels sit at just over 14 feet.

Officials with the watershed district said the creek would have to rise another five feet to reach flood stage.

Flash flooding may impact parks, yards and businesses this weekend, however, officials said they do not anticipate reaching flood stage, unless there is an unprecedented amount of rain.

Further downstream, Minnehaha Falls water levels clearly benefit from the excess rainfall. 

The gushing water serves as a picturesque backdrop for visitors, like George Wieland and Jeanne Sundquist.  The two were there Thursday to take in Minnesota's natural beauty, and a water level that hasn't been seen in years.

"That's why we came is we thought it was going to be tremendous because of all the water, all the rain," said Wieland.

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