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Reconstruction of Minneapolis' Hennepin Avenue placing some Uptown businesses in peril

Some small Minneapolis businesses closing amid Hennepin Avenue reconstruction
Some small Minneapolis businesses closing amid Hennepin Avenue reconstruction 01:51

MINNEAPOLIS — Customers aren't "digging" the front-end loaders along one of Minneapolis' busiest corridors, and small businesses are paying the price.

Inside Les Sól in Uptown, bright colors or Jango the dog catch your attention. Outside, orange cones line the streets as the reconstruction of Hennepin Avenue grinds on.

The city is working to reconstruct the thoroughfare between West Lake Street and Douglas Avenue in two phases. The current phase spans West Lake Street to 26th Street.

Since construction began, owner Mikaela Harrod says sales have dropped 60%

"It's just so hard for businesses to make any money like in general, and let alone when you take access to them away," Harrod said. "It's crazy how much just like a snap, it all just goes away."


After overcoming COVID and an ever-changing retail industry, it was the reconstruction project that buried their business.

"Unfortunately we just had to make the call when the construction hit," she said.

Customers like Justin say it's tough to support businesses along this corridor.

"A lot more recently I've been DoorDashing stuff because it's harder to get around myself," Justin said.

Origami Tiger Sushi off Lagoon Avenue is also feeling the pinch 

"Business with construction has been a bit of an uphill battle," said an employee.

It's a battle they hope will only last a few more months, and one they hope they'll survive.

The plan is to finish the reconstruction before the end of the year.

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