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It's a family affair; Metro Transit green line conductor welcomes daughter to staff

Metro Transit green line conductor welcomes his daughter to the trade
Metro Transit green line conductor welcomes his daughter to the trade 02:18

MINNEAPOLIS — There is no better honor than for a father to see his child follow in his footsteps. 

For 17 years Rolland Green has worked at metro transit. 

"I'm a girl dad," said Rolland.

It's job that has allowed him to provide for his two daughters.

So, as he navigates the green line through the streets of St. Paul, this dad cannot help but to think about Father's Day, and how this one will be special.

It's the first one where he will have the pleasure of working with his daughter.

"She told Dad I want to be a train operator; I was so happy. When she got here man, she took to it like a fish to water and I'm so proud I couldn't be prouder," said Rolland.

Camryn Green is now a green line train operator.

"To be able to follow in his footsteps so literally its great I like this job a lot, " said Camryn.

She says she watched her dad work and knew this was the career for her.

"My dad came home, and he wasn't exhausted he didn't seem tired he was happy to come home, and it showed me it was a good job," said Camryn Green.

A job she says she is proud to do because of how proud she is of the man who raised her.

"I've always been very proud of my dad I've always looked up to him so to be able to literally follow in his footsteps means a lot I like being able to clock in and know I'm sitting where he used to sit, " Camryn said.

Now work has become a family affair.

"I check the schedule to see where she's at yeah it's just being a dad you worry about your kids," said Rolland.

"I'm now able to spend Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays with him so it means a lot I love spending time with him," said Camryn.

And on this Father's Day, this dad will look up and down the rail line and in the office space and know his legacy is in the capable hands of his little girl. 

"I just want her to know that I love here I get a little emotional real special, yeah very, " Rolland said.

Camryn says she is already looking into safety positions at Metro transit.

She hopes one day to sit in the same chair as coordinator as her dad does now.

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