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Vandals target Cokato fire hydrants, spilling 1 million gallons, fire officials say

Morning headlines from June 19, 2024
Morning headlines from June 19, 2024 02:08

COKATO, Minn. — The fire department of a town west of the Twin Cities says vandals have targeted its water supply, wasting more than a million gallons overnight Sunday.

The Cokato Fire Department says several hydrants were opened across the city while its crews were busy dealing with a serious car crash. Officials say the vandalism led to residential water pressure issues.

"This is no joke, this is a serious matter and if juveniles are involved they need to be held responsible for this," the department said in a Facebook post on Wednesday. "Talk with your kids, inform them this is not a joke this could harm lives of not only our citizens but also our firefighters."

Fire officials say this isn't the first case of hydrant-related vandalism, and they warn that parents of any juveniles involved may also be subject to criminal charges.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Wright County Sheriff's Office at 763-682-7600.

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