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'Bumper Cars With A Flaming Ride': Police Push Burning SUV Away From Gas Station With Squad Car

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A police officer in the north metro used a squad car to push a flaming SUV away from a propane tank at a gas station.

The Wyoming Police Department posted video of the recent on Tuesday, describing what happened as "bumper cars with a flaming ride."

According to police, a driver dumped his on-fire SUV at a gas station, leaving the vehicle in neutral next to a propane fill station. He then got into another car, which fled the scene.

The responding officer used the front of their squad car to push the burning SUV away. However, the SUV continued to roll back toward the fill station.

"The SUV had a mind of its own," the police department's tweet said.

The officer continued to push the burning SUV back, knowing that the situation could turn dangerous. Fire crews quickly arrived at the gas station and knocked down the flames.

No one was hurt in the incident.

Police are still looking for the SUV's driver. They say he was driving on Interstate 35 when the car started on fire and he pulled off on the Viking Boulevard exit.

Wyoming, Minnesota, is located about 30 miles north of Minneapolis.

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