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Twin Cities bakery helping raise funds for LGBTQ+ community

Local bakery giving back to LBTQ+ community
Local bakery giving back to LBTQ+ community 02:00

MINNEAPOLIS — An award-winning youth run business is celebrating Pride month by selling its vegetable-based desserts to support LGBTQ youth in their community.

They set up at Mill City Farmer's Market where they were using their products to make a difference. 

"These are vegan options, and these are gluten free," said Ariana. "Those are out East African donuts."


It's a busy day for youth from Green Garden Bakery. For these young entrepreneurs, it's more than just a business, it's an act of social change. 

In honor of pride month, they are selling homemade pop tarts. Money to help young LGBTQ members in the community.

"A pop tart. A rhubarb pop tart. The members of our community who are LGBTQ we are doing an emergency fund," Ariana said.

"I think its important to embrace our young people who are LGBTQ because a lot of people don't feel comfortable to tell their parents they are part of that crew of that community and like some people's parents are homophobic and don't support them so for us to support the people and give emergency funds, it's good," said Zariah.

Green Garden Bakery has a line of healthy, vegetable-based desserts sold online at Farmer's Markets and pop up sales around the Twin Cities.

"Giving back and showing people we know how to run a business, "Ariana said.


Money earned is divided into thirds. One third of the profits are reinvested back into the business, another third is used to compensate the youth leaders and the last third is donated to a community need the youth identify.

This month it's all about LGBTQ youth.

"We do community stuff we like celebrate peoples identifies we donate," said Zariah.

Green Garden Bakery is based in North Minneapolis, in the Heritage Park Neighborhood. All of the vegetables are grown in their garden, in the heart of the community.

"I like it because it's like we're helping people out and like people can have hope you know, " Zariah said.

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