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4 Potential Plans Laid Out Over Bird Deaths At U.S. Bank Stadium

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority just heard the final report addressing birds colliding with U.S. Bank Stadium.

It has, anecdotally, been a conversation for years. Now the people who can do something to address it, have the black and white information they need.

The study estimates at least 111 birds die after colliding with U.S. Bank Stadium each year, particularly during the migration period.

Four options got a closer look. First, the highly reflective glass, and possibly covering it with a film that deters birds from flying into it. Another, limiting bright lighting at night. Also discussed, moving or getting rid of trees and other vegetation around the building, since the reflections seem to confuse the birds. And finally, the issue of adjusting things like lighting during certain weather and the migration season was raised.

The study looked at 21 buildings in the city. U.S. Bank Stadium ranked third for bird collisions, although the study did not list the other two. Previously the Audubon Society declared the stadium the city's top bird-killer.

Rob Schultz, of Audubon Minnesota, said they want to address the stadium first and details on the others will follow. As for what's next, stadium authorities will need to decide the best option going forward.

A film covering all the glass would likely cost at least $1 million.

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