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Pastor Shoots, Kills Gun Wielding Carjacker In Walmart Parking Lot

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TUMWATER (CBSMiami) – An armed off-duty paramedic, who is also a pastor, is being hailed as a hero after he shot and killed a shooting suspect at a Washington state Walmart.

The good Samaritan is now coming forward to share his story.

Emotions overwhelmed David George Wednesday morning as he identified himself as the person who shot and killed a suspected gunman at a Tumwater, Washington Walmart.

"This was a traumatic experience for us and all those involved," he said.

George described the chaotic Sunday afternoon, when he and his family were shopping about 60 miles south of Seattle.

"As a volunteer firefighter I have received active shooter training," George explained. "I was sure what I heard was gunshots."

Police say 44-year old Tim Day went on a shooting and carjacking spree.

He tried to carjack a couple in the Walmart parking lot, critically shooting the driver.

George says he then saw Day try to carjack another person and that's when he shot and killed him.

"I carry a firearm for the same reason I carry a first aid bag," he said. "Hoping not to use them but being prepared nonetheless."

George is a local pastor, and volunteer firefighter and EMT who rushed to help the injured driver, Ricky Fievez.

Fievez's son says the Good Samaritan's quick-actions saved his dad's life.

"That bystander who shot him is a hero," said Tyler Fievez. "That guy could have killed both my parents plus plenty more people."

Police say Day tried to carjack at least six people before his rampage came to an end.

George says he has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the shooting and needed time to process the events before coming public.

Police say the suspect is a convicted criminal who managed to get a gun from his finance.

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