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Meet Florida Panthers' secret weapon, 8-year-old Bryson Rosen

Meet Florida Panthers' secret weapon
Meet Florida Panthers' secret weapon 01:48

MIAMI - While the Panthers have plenty of weapons to use against the Oilers in the Stanley Cup Final, there is a very unique one they might not have guessed they had.

That weapon is Bryson Rosen.

At just eight years old, South Florida native and Panthers superfan Bryson has quickly gone viral for his in-game antics doing his best to distract the opposing teams.

Whatever the case, Byrson already inspired his own fan base.

Brandon Rosen says his son's love of hockey came naturally.

"He loves it. It's his favorite thing to do. He loves coming to the games. He enjoys running ahead of me in the stadiums. He goes down there. He starts to argue with the coaches, argue with the refs. He gets into the players' skin and he loves it. He's a diehard hockey fan."

His dad talks about the attention his son is getting.

"Oh, it's wild. It's absolutely wild right now. It's great. But he loves it. He wants to go to every game possible. But now his new thing is a waiting game. So, it looks like we're going to Edmonton this week."

And don't worry Bryson's already got his trash talk game down ready to go.

"Oh, Oilers... I say Big David is trash."

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