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J&C Oyster blends classic flavors with innovative Asian techniques

J&C Oyster in Hollywood is a masterfully creative seafood dining experiences
J&C Oyster in Hollywood is a masterfully creative seafood dining experiences 03:00

FORT LAUDERDALE - Step into J&C Oyster on Harrison Street and a crisp and elegant space filled with soft blues and golds provides a cool oasis from the bustle of downtown Hollywood.

"I think the vibe is really cool. I think you could bring, you know, a hot date or your mom or your kids, you know, and still have the same feeling, right?" said Executive Chef Raheem Sealey. "We want the locals, we want, we want Hollywood to be able to experience something a little different than everything else in downtown Hollywood."

Don't be misled by the name. J&C Oyster goes way beyond your typical raw bar. It's a masterfully creative seafood dining experience, as well as other non-seafood dishes, created by renowned chefs Raheem Sealey and Monika Dominguez. This talented duo blends classic flavors with innovative Asian techniques using the freshest ingredients. When Raheem and Monika team up, magic happens.

"Yeah, there's a synergy, Monica makes me look good. We worked together for a long time. She actually was at KYU with me. We just kind of clicked and it's easy because I feel like when I come up with something, like I don't have to explain it too much. I'd be like, hey, this is what I want to do and she just kind of understands the vision and executes it very well," explained Sealey.

That's very clear in the absolutely magnificent dishes.

For example, the chef's pristine snapper ceviche with serrano tomatillo relish topped with micro veggies and edible flowers.

"So that could be one of the most elegant ceviche dishes I've ever had, first in its beauty and in its flavor, the perfect amount of acidity," said CBS Miami's Lisa Petrillo.

Next up she tried a jumbo lump crab and avocado salad with housemade feta and zesty lemon-ginger vinaigrette.

"Jumbo lump blue crab, unpasteurized. That's very important. We only like to use the fresh ingredients that we can," said Sealey.

"This is a phenomenal salad. I love the creaminess and the texture of the avocado. Just the flavor of the fish and your homemade feta cheese gives it that little salty thing going on," said Petrillo.

Then it was onto the show-stopping Thai Crab Curry with herbs, served with jasmine rice and black and white sesame seeds.

"It took us the longest to come up with a presentation. Monica showed me a picture one day and she was like this is what we need to do and I'm like 'done' and it just came out so beautiful," Sealey said.

"This is so elegant, so stepped up and the herbs give it something special," said Petrillo.

J&C Oyster is open from Wednesday to Sunday for dinner only.  

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