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Florida's DeSantis boasts about $116.5B state budget, doesn't detail what he vetoed

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis spent more than an hour talking about what is in the $116.5 billion he signed Monday, but he left out the most important part of the announcement: What was in the nearly $1 billion he vetoed.

The Legislature passed a state budget more than three months ago, and DeSantis has spent weeks talking about what items he wouldn't veto. But in a ceremony held in Tampa, about a four-hour drive from the Capitol, he didn't discuss a single line item he vetoed other than to say the total cut was almost $1 billion.

Hours after the news conference, his office still didn't release the final state budget figure or a list of vetoes.

In a show of bipartisanship, the budget passed unanimously in the Senate and 105-3 in the House, where a Republican and two Democrats opposed the spending plan that gives all state workers a 3% raise.

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