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Caught on video: Victim speaks out after attempted Venetian Islands home burglary

Man sought in Venetian Island attempted burglary
Man sought in Venetian Island attempted burglary 02:43

MIAMI - A victim is speaking out exclusively after surveillance cameras at his home on the upscale Venetian Islands show a young male smashing the front window of his home in an attempted burglary.

There is also a safety alert as Miami Police want to know if the suspect has victimized other people.

The surveillance cameras capture a young male using either a crowbar or a hammer while repeatedly smashing the front hurricane impact window of the home on North Venetian Drive starting at 9:09 Thursday night.

The suspect is unable to get inside the home and leaves after heavily damaging the window. The surveillance tape captures the loud banging on the window and you see him arriving at and leaving the home as well.

The homeowner named Alex said he did not want to use his last name or show all of his face but he wanted to speak out to CBS News Miami's Peter D'Oench in an exclusive interview.

Alex said "I feel terrible. It's not just a matter of materials. The window can be replaced. I am just thankful that my family members were not there because somebody with a hammer could have attacked any of us."

Alex said "He just tries to smash the window and he kicks at it. I guess he was trying to get in. I don;t know why he did that. There was nothing of value there."

That's because the home is being renovated.

"The window was completely destroyed," he said. "I don't know how much it will take to be replaced."

He said "You know safety is a concern in this neighborhood. But crime has gone up and it may be a sign we need more policing. We are even considering getting private security. It's only to protect valuable it's also because of the safety of the people."

"That is why I want to spread the word and hopefully people will keep an eye out and take safety measures. He looked he was young, in his early 20s. All I can say is that if you suspect suspicious activity you should call 99 and let neighbors know and keep an eye out if you see someone walking around that you don't recognize, talk to the community so we can get a resolution."

It's not known if the suspect lives in the area since he was seen walking around or if he was walking to a waiting car.

"It would mean a lot to see him captured," said Alex. "It would mean justice and getting the word out that if you mess with other people's property, you are going to get in trouble."

Miami Police spokeswoman, Officer Kiera Delva said police responded to the call about the attempted burglary at 9:45 Thursday night.

She said "At this time, our burglary detectives are looking very closely at this case and working very closely with the victim as well. They are trying to determine if he is responsible for other reported, unsolved burglaries.

We want the  community to please come forward if you have any information in relation to this investigation."

She said "This case is alarming because while it was fortunate no one was at home, what if the victim had been there with his family or children? This could have been a lot different if that was the case."

Delva said, "We are urging all residents to be careful and to be mindful of your surroundings and always contact the authorities immediately if you suspect suspicious activity."

If you recognize the young male in the video, contact Miami Police of Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS (8477).

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