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A "No to dictators, no to Trump" billboard appears on Miami expressway

Controversial billboard appears on a Miami expressway
Controversial billboard appears on a Miami expressway 02:33

MIAMI - A "No to dictators, no to Trump" electronic billboard has surfaced on the Palmetto Expressway and Northwest 67th Avenue in Miami-Dade County.

The billboard features an image of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro to the left and a profile photo of former US President Donald Trump to the right.

The advertisement aimed at the Hispanic vote has drawn both criticism and praise.

News partner, the Miami Herald says Radio Mambí commentators decried the billboard as "propaganda."

Claude Taylor, founder of Mad Dog PAC, who paid for the billboard, told the newspaper the goal of the billboard is to grab people's attention.

"We do anti-Trump billboards, plain and simple."

Taylor told CBS News Miami, "Unlike in Cuba, people are allowed to have different political viewpoints and put them up on a billboard. Now, I couldn't get away with this stuff if I was in Cuba. Could I?"

"I don't want to see Donald Trump become a dictator. In this country, just like Fidel Castro was in Cuba." 

Jamie Florez, the Republican National Committee Hispanic Communication Director, says it's an insult to the Cuban community, not just in Miami.

"They see it as a big lack of respect for a community that has been suffering for more than 60 years on their regime that has destroyed one of the most beautiful islands... the biggest island in the Caribbean." 

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