Planning a vacation? 8 pesky costs and how to avoid them

  • ​Dreaded resort fees


    Probably the most hated concept in the world of travel, additional resort fees can double the cost of your nightly stay in certain locations. Hotels say they use this additional fee to cover things like housekeeping, coffee, toiletries and other sundry services.

    Las Vegas is notorious for its exorbitant resort fees, where it's not uncommon for fees to add an extra $25 to $35 per night. There are still a few hotels in Sin City that have held out against adding these extra charges. For more information, check out this list.

    Other destinations where you can expect a daily resort fee include Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mexico. The resort fee is not always included in your final price (you may find information about it in the terms and conditions) so it is wise to ask the hotel or travel agent directly before purchasing.