Lisa Schwarzbaum's top 10 wedding films

  • "Father of the Bride," 1950 and 1991

    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Bennett (1950)

    Starring: Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams, George Newbern, Martin Short, B.D. Wong and Kieran Culkin (1991)

    Fun fact: A George by any other name... Steve Martin's character of George Banks was named after David Tomlinson's character of the same name in "Mary Poppins." George's middle name, Stanley, is named after Spencer Tracy's character in the original "Father of the Bride."

    Lisa Schwarzbaum: "Often when a movie is remade, in my opinion, the remake does not live up to the original, but 'Father of the Bride,' is an example of an exception to that rule in that they are equally good. The first one was 1950 with Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett playing the parents of Elizabeth Taylor -- and it is about being the father of the bride and all of the funny things that go on -- when it was remade with Steve Martin and Diane Keaton, they brought a charm that was contemporary. It would be a fun screening night to watch the two of them back to back; I think they would really live up. When you take something from 1950 to 1991 morays and social conventions have changed, but what matters in these movies, is they kept the sense of the worrying father, and what it means to each generation, they carry the same tone and the same warmth about family."