Least expensive states to operate a car

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    (MoneyWatch) No matter whether you drive a Mercedes or a 1960's era VW Beetle, drivers will spend thousands of dollars each year to operate their cars thanks to gasoline, taxes and insurance expenses. But, these costs can vary significantly depending on the state in which you live, according to BankRate.com.

    Indeed, you'll have to pay twice as much to operate a car in Georgia, where costs are highest, versus Oregon, where they're the lowest, according to BankRate's survey released Wednesday. BankRate calculated the average cost of insurance, repairs, taxes and fees, using data from GasBuddy and other government statistics to determine how much state residents drive.

    Ironically, GoBankingRates also released a study on Wednesday detailing the states where auto financing rates are the lowest. Oregon also scores well in this research, ranking among the 10 least expensive states to finance a new car.

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