6 money-saving home projects for spring

  • Clear the gutters

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    If you have any foliage built up in your gutters, the leaves and debris will block water from draining properly. That could allow excess water to pour over, down your siding and into the ground around the house. That's no good for your walls or foundation, especially in the rainy springtime. Clogging can also rust out your gutters, which could then need to be replaced.

    When cleaning your gutters, you can also spot any deteriorated shingle pieces that have flushed off the roof and landed in your gutters, indicating a larger roofing problem.

    You can clean your gutters yourself, or opt to spend between $150 and $200, according to home improvement resource site Home Advisor. Gutter repairs range from $200 to at least $600, and siding replacements can costs thousands, according to Angie's List, a site that rates service professionals such as contractors and plumbers.

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