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This Los Angeles street vendor is using TikTok to feed the people of Skid Row

Popular TikTok street food vendors join forces for food giveaway in Downtown LA
Popular TikTok street food vendors join forces for food giveaway in Downtown LA 00:36

A Los Angeles street vendor with a loyal TikTok following has found a way to feed hundreds of people on Skid Row, giving back to those facing struggles he's dealt with himself. 

"I was homeless six months ago," said Christopher Bailey, who goes by Klover King on TikTok. "I just want to give back."

Christopher Bailey, a street vendor who goes by Klover King on TikTok, serves free food to people on Skid Row, using donations from his followers on the platform.

Bailey gained a following of more than 88,000 users after live-streaming himself cooking his specialty, decked out breakfast burritos, outside the Van Nuys courthouse. His business, called Munchies, has blown up as TikTok users have started visiting the spot in the Valley where he spends his mornings five days a week. 

Now, he's found a way to connect users, himself and other street vendors to help out his fellow Angelenos — serving plates of hot food to people in the downtown Los Angeles neighborhood known for its encampments of people living on the city's sidewalks.

He decided to buy and grill 200 hot dogs for the residents of Skid Row, tossing sauteed onions and peppers onto scorched dogs topped with ketchup, mustard and mayo. From there, people started donating. Last weekend, he served up 400 hot dogs. He came back to the neighborhood Friday, but this time, he had other vendors with him and a whole lot more food.

"I invited all the TikTok vendors that I know," Bailey said. "Apparently, TikTok street food vending is trending right now. We all meet each other through the live-streams, and we're able to link up and go head-to-head with each other sometimes."

Twenty DoorDash drivers delivered groceries and other supplies ordered and paid for by Bailey's TikTok followers and fans — some of which included "buns, mayonnaise, hot dogs, hamburgers... foil, plates: everything you can think of," he said. By Friday afternoon, he and the other vendors had served 1,000 hot dogs along with plenty of hamburgers.

A street vendor serves a plate of free food to people on Skid Row as part of a collaboration with other vendors on TikTok, who cooked the dishes using donations from followers on the platform. KCAL News

"If they want to send food, I'll keep cooking it as long as they send it," Bailey said.

Growing his livelihood through the home he's found on the social platform has been a "blessing," he said. Over just the past few months, he's seen his life change after years of struggling with trying to make ends meet.

"I've been homeless for probably five years – off and on, you know," Bailey said. "And I started this little street food business, and thanks to TikTok, I've done very well."

"I almost got my stuff together to where I can function and not have to worry about paying bills," he said. "We're getting there."

As he keeps growing, he wants to help people still getting through life's hardships.

"It's one of the most satisfying things you can do – is give to someone that needs," Bailey said. 

"It's not hard to be nice. And I'm blessed right now."

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