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The latest tech devices for beauty and self-care

Beauty tech is transforming self-care with smart devices | Tech Talk
Beauty tech is transforming self-care with smart devices | Tech Talk 03:48

Beauty tech innovation is advancing rapidly, integrating smart devices and personalized solutions to transform and elevate beauty routines. Tech expert Jessica Naziri shares the latest in beauty tech innovations for the home.

Beauty tech products:

L'Oréal Paris built Colorsonic, where you pick a hair color on the app, order it, pop it into the device, press and apply it with a comb. The device automatically mixes your dye, parts your hair, and evenly deposits color from root to tip for salon-worthy results.

It has 29 patents to date, and was already named one of the top 100 inventions by TIME. The best part: you can save the rest for later! No throwing away the whole box full of color.     

This Lancôme:Renergie Nano-Resurfacer is an at home beauty device specifically created to boost cosmetic penetration into the skin to amplify product performance. The device is powered by a patented nanochip technology that is made of over 400 nano-tips that offer clinically tested results.

The Microneedling penetrates your skin's surface with fine needles to improve skin's appearance, smooths lines and,  wrinklesThe product has no skin downtime and can be used on all skin types for amplified results on four skin dimensions: wrinkles, fine lines, firmness, and tone evenness.

This is the first of its kind in-store, AI skin reader tool that within 10 minutes looks underneath and the surface of skin with high precision to test and measure 13 skin makers like dark spots, redness, wrinkles, and others and then prescribes the right skincare routine.

It uses high tech optics and 18 analytical LEDs since lighting is key with skincare.
Based on these results, the consumer will receive a tailor-made product recommendation routine, associated with personalized gestures.

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