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Family of retired LASD deputy missing in Greece frustrated by lack of search resources

Search for retired LASD deputy missing in Greece continues
Search for retired LASD deputy missing in Greece continues 02:45

Family members are still desperately searching for Albert Calibet, the retired Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy who went missing while hiking in Greece nearly a week ago, and search efforts are getting increasingly frustrating, they say. 

For eight days now, Oliver Calibet has been searching for his older brother, who was last seen hiking on the Greek island of Amorgos last Tuesday

He's one of several people searching the area, including Calibet's girlfriend, other family members and two LASD search and rescue members who flew to Greece, helping him search every inch of the 49-mile square island's rugged terrain.

Retired Los Angeles County deputy Albert Calibet went missing after going on a hike on the Greek island of Armogos earlier this week.  Municipality of Amorgos | Facebook

But he's growing increasingly frustrated by the lack of help from both the Greek and United States governments, despite claims that there is an active search underway. 

"They're telling me, 'No, there's dogs, there's this.' I go, 'There isn't, I'm here. There isn't. Can you do anything for me,'" Calibet said while speaking with KCAL News. "The answer is basically no."

His brother is one of several foreigners visiting Greek islands who have died or gone missing in recent weeks as a sweltering heat wave lingers over the region. 

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Despite this, he says that his brother Albert, who still works part time for the sheriff's department even after retiring in 2018, frequently traveled the island of Amorgos and knew the terrain extremely well. 

This is why he's concerned that something worse could have happened. 

"Police is telling me, you know, maybe he threw the phone and jumped off the cliff," Calibet said. "And I think that's a possibility, or maybe a criminal act has happened." 

He says that police tell him that's unlikely, but he's not sure why it's not just as much a possibility as the other option. 

"Anything's a possibility," he said.

Calibet still holds onto hope that he'll find his brother soon, but he's concerned as he loses more resources, with most of his search team scheduled to fly home to America in coming days. 

For him, he plans to stay until his brother is found. 

"He's strong. That's it, I gotta find him."

He ordered a lawyer on Monday so that he can try to bring his own search dogs to the island, and friends have started to raise money in hopes of sending him more resources. 

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