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Reporter Ambushes OJ After Release From Prison And He Wasn't Happy About It

LAS VEGAS (CBSLA) — O.J. Simpson may be seeking a million dollar interview, but wasn't ready to talk when he was ambushed by a reporter Sunday night.

The former football star was released on parole under the quiet of darkness and was approached by a reporter and camera crew when his driver was getting gas.

"Y'all stalking me," Simpson said.

Apparently he was asked where he was headed and how it felt to be out of prison and gave this response: "None of your business...I've been in the car for the last five hours, six, so how do I know how it feels to be out of prison?"

Simpson reportedly had two Quarter-Pounders with cheese at a McDonalds for his first post-prison meal.

Simpson, 70, will be monitored by a parole board for the next five years and will live in Nevada until he gets permission to leave. There is speculation that he will move to Florida.

Legal expert Laurie Levenson had this advice for Simpson.

"I think the best thing O.J. can do for O.J. is to lay low," she said.  "He should stay with his family, stay with his friends, don't get caught up in the media. Don't go back to being the old O.J."



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