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Mar Vista neighborhood on edge after string of coyote attacks

Mar Vista neighborhood plagued by aggressive coyotes
Mar Vista neighborhood plagued by aggressive coyotes 00:42

A Mar Vista neighborhood is on edge after a string of aggressive coyote behavior and some attacks in recent weeks.

Neighbors say that they've always had coyote activity near their homes, but thing started to pick up intensity and frequency in March.

Los Angeles County Department of Weights and Measures officials visited the neighborhood and identified a den behind in the area lining three properties. 

They say that several neighborhood dogs have been attacked and that the unwanted visitors are spotted on a daily basis. What they believe was a group of pups have grown older, leaving them with about 10 coyotes outside of their homes.

One video from a resident's Ring camera shows as a coyote brazenly walks behind a man and his dog on June 4 at around 7 a.m., while another shows as a coyote slinks through someone's backyard before bolting towards their two small dogs.

Though they've asked the county for help, they say that they were told to buy airhorns and paintball guns to deter the coyotes from entering their yards and bothering their pets. 

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