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Half-naked man takes a shower, eats food after breaking into Burbank home

Nearly naked man takes a shower after breaking into Burbank home
Nearly naked man takes a shower after breaking into Burbank home 02:18

A group of friends had an unusual Thursday afternoon when they found a nearly naked man standing in the living room.

"We never imagined these kinds of incidents happening in Burbank," roommate Barath Kanneganti said. 

The complete stranger, believed to be homeless, entered the home and yard through an unlocked door, startling the people at home. Wearing next to nothing, the men said the stranger made himself at home, using the bathroom, taking a shower, and even snacking while they begged him to leave. 

Afraid to leave the guy alone on the property, they say their friend tried to keep his distance while pleading with the man.

"He ate the banana sitting in the chair, in the kitchen refusing to leave and he's like 'Now, I need to sleep,'" recalled resident Ashwin Reddy. 

Reddy was FaceTiming with his friend when this strange ordeal unfolded. 

"I was like, call 911; what are you doing? It's crazy," Reddy said. "He pushed him out, and the guy started asking for a place to sleep after eating."

When the intruder went outside, Reddy's friend locked the door, saying he was scared by the scars on the man's back and too intimidated to call the police. 

The stranger napped in the yard and stayed for nearly three hours. When Reddy's friend finally called the police, officers quickly arrived and arrested the intruder on the sidewalk outside. 

No one was injured, but the group of friends was still shaken up.

"It feels a little unsafe, especially with the incidents like this," Reddy said. "Now, we're definitely locking everything up."

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