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City of Santa Ana shuts down more than 100 street vendors

Santa Ana cracks down on food vendors; shuts down more than 100 sidewalk locations
Santa Ana cracks down on food vendors; shuts down more than 100 sidewalk locations 00:22

The City of Santa Ana has shut down more than 100 different street vendors over the past six weeks, acting on what they called "community concerns."

According to a press release from city officials, the food vendors were found to be conducting business under a number of different factors that called for shut down. 

"In response to community concerns, the City of Santa Ana and the Orange County Health Care Agency investigated and shut down over 100 sidewalk food vending locations that were found to be selling food unfit for human consumption and operating without the proper health permit over the past six weeks," the statement said.

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The operation was conducted by Santa Ana Police Department, Santa Ana's City Code Enforcement Division and the OCHA's Environmental Health Division. 

"While enjoying meals from street vendors has become popular, we cannot allow unsafe food conditions to endanger public health," said Santa Ana Mayor Valeria Amezcua. "I applaud City and County staff's efforts to protect our residents."

The task force determined that many vendors "did not possess the proper permit to operate" and that the food was unsafe. 

The statement advised the public to make sure to check for a displayed health permit when dining with food vendors. 

Orange County officials have offered similar advice in the past, warning that the consumption of food at unpermitted vendors could result in food-borne illness. Earlier this year, Anaheim conducted a similar crackdown on street vendors.

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