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Chino passes ordinance to implement overnight curfew on city property

Chino city leaders adopt ordinance for overnight curfew on downtown properties
Chino city leaders adopt ordinance for overnight curfew on downtown properties 02:20

The city of Chino has implemented an overnight curfew for city property after passing a new ordinance earlier in June. 

City leaders say the change comes after several instances of homeless people taking shelter outside of city hall. They're hopeful that the ordinance will help encourage them to find help in getting more permanent shelter.

"We have resources we can provide them, but it has to be something that they want to do or are interested in doing," said a man named Kevin, who works at the Chino Branch Library. 

Chino Police Department Lieutenant Aaron Kelliher says the ordinance will allow them to ask people to leave city property, because once the curfew goes into place it's no longer open to the public. 

On top of banning loitering, the ordinance was also enacted in hopes of curbing illegal activity on city property as well. 

"If people are around buildings overnight, they tend to result in things like drugs, vandalism, theft, burglaries," Kelliher said. 

This comes weeks after vandals committed thousands of dollars worth of damaged to the Carolyn Owens Community Center, which is another popular spot for unhoused people to take up shelter for the night. 

While the ordinance was not exactly drafted to target the unhoused, many residents are hopeful that it will help.

"We need some type of control," said Max Ibarra, a Chino resident who supports the new curfew. 

At the latest count, Chino's unofficial homeless population was around 40 people, which they say is 40 too many. They've created a "Quality of Life" team that is dedicated to assisting the community. 

"Certainly that does lead us to contact more people and at contact determine underlying problems get a hold of our Quality of Life team and get them the services they need," Kelliher said. 

The ordinance goes into effect come July. 

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