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The letters the world sent Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong spent much of his life after the moon landing shunning attention. If people had to praise, he encouraged them to appreciate all of his work, not just the historic landing. But his one small step affected people around the world in profound ways, and tens of thousands of people felt compelled to write him personal letters. The contents of those letters -- and Armstrong's responses -- are a fascinating piece of American history. Jeff Glor reports.

Memorable moments from the Apollo 11 mission

From the fiery blast of a Saturn rocket to those first steps on the lunar surface, images from America's space program are etched in the nation’s collective memory. But along with those sights, there are the sounds: the words that also tell the remarkable story of human achievement. With insight from historian Douglas Brinkley and CBS News space analyst Bill Harwood, “CBS This Morning Saturday” reflects on some of the mission's most memorable moments.

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