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 48 Hours Mystery
We'll keep you in the know about upcoming on-air and online content for the groundbreaking news magazine.

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 60 Minutes
Stay up to date with 60 Minutes, the award-winning CBS News magazine that's on each Sunday and Wednesday evening. 60 Minutes covers everything from corporate greed and the war on terror to eBay and Jay-Z. Sign up and get a preview of what the 60 Minutes team has in the works for the next broadcast.

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 CBS News Sunday Morning
Find out what's next on CBS News Sunday Morning with this weekly e-mail from host Charles Osgood.

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 Political Hotsheet
Stay up to the minute on the latest news and developments from Washington, from the White House to Congress and everything in-between with the best political reporters from CBS News and CBSNews.com.

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CBSNews.com brings you updates on the latest discoveries and space news.

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