Ted Bundy

By all accounts a handsome young man, Bundy used his charm and good looks to lure victims into an often-fatal trap.

In August 1975, Bundy, who was driving a stolen car, was arrested in Utah on suspicion of burglary. Soon after his arrest, there arose reports of connections between him and a local woman who had been kidnapped.

In 1977, he was put on trial and convicted of murder in Colorado. On a trip to the prison library, Bundy escaped from his Aspen, Colo., prison and remained free for six days before being arrested again in Florida.

Prosecutors and investigators say Bundy began confessing to murders as the day of his execution approached in the hopes that, if he slowly gave out information, it would delay his punishment.

Bundy, who ultimately confessed to murdering 23 women, was put to death in Florida's electric chair on Jan. 24, 1989. Prosecutors and investigators said he could have been responsible for as many as 100 murders. All of his known or suspected victims were girls or women.