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Will Streets Close To Curb Crazy Deep Ellum Crowds?

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - New video is highlighting the growing concerns about crowds and safety in Deep Ellum.

The scene - just one instance of a wild weekend where hundreds of people packed the streets -- blocking traffic.

The cell phone video was taken Saturday around 2 a.m. One of the clips shows a girl dancing on the hood of a vehicle fall to the ground. Another girl on the hood keeps dancing.

David works security at Wit's End. He was there, and says the girls were dancing on top of a Hummer. He says it's also a traffic issue - hundreds of people partying in the road, blocking cars driving down Elm Street.

So — what are the solutions to avoid these problems in the future?

CBS 11 News talked to the president of the Deep Ellum Foundation. Here's what he had to say about one thought to close down the street to vehicles:

"Right now we're not currently recommending that we close down Elm Street all Saturday night because we're afraid that it'll just make things worse. It'll become more like Bourbon Street in New Orleans. People partying in the street, which'll take what was on the video and multiply it by 10."

While some folks said a crowd as big as what's shown in the video is common (especially on weekends) many others said what people were doing was concerning.

City Council member Adam Medrano represents Deep Ellum. He met with Chief Hall Monday morning to discuss the videos.

Medrano says he's monitoring the issue and plans to set up a meeting in a week to talk about solutions to make Deep Ellum safer.

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