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Why Did He Do It? Doughnut Driver Speaks To CBS 11

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PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) -  This is definitely from the don't try this at home file.

Chopper 11 caught Andrey Kislinkskiy doing repeated doughnuts in the parking lot of Collin Creek Mall. It didn't look like he had any intention of stopping either, until security rolled up next to him.

We posted a link to the video on the CBSDFW Facebook page where it was viewed nearly 300,000 times in about four hours.

CBS 11's Gabriel Roxas spoke with the driver, a 24-year-old Russian native, who just moved to Texas from Vermont last month.


He said he's been homesick and waiting for this kind of weather.  So, when he was stuck in slow-moving traffic on his way to work, he ditched his commute and opted for a little fun in the mall parking lot instead.

"Yes, it's like Christmas for me," he said. "I think sometimes any driver want to have some fun."

Kislinkskiy says he's really not a reckless guy.  "I was driving really careful, like 30 miles an hour. All people drive really slow. That's why you know so slow about 15 - 20 minutes, you want to push gas after that," he said.

But the fun was over when mall security caught up to him.

"He said that I see that you want to have fun, but be careful; I think you can lose control; please stop it," said Kislinkskiy.

CBS 11 talked to mall security about Kislinkskiy's stunt.  They were not amused and they're warning other drivers not to try it.  They'll be on the lookout Monday night and Tuesday.

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