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West First Reponder Posts Erratic Facebook Messages Days After Explosion

FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) - Social media posts from Bryce Reed, the West first responder arrested for possessing bomb making materials, may give some insight into what he was thinking in the days after the explosion.

During the West explosion, Reed helped evacuate people minutes before the blast and later searching for and treating survivors. After the explosion, Reed gave several interviews to TV stations and newspapers, which thrust him into the spotlight and opening him up to local criticism.

On May 6, The Dallas Morning News published an article about rescuers needing to be rescued. It focused on Bryce Reed and what's he had gone through since losing a close friend, first responder Cyrus Reed.

On that same day, Reed added a very frustrated post to his Facebook profile, "I have not received one dime from anything related to my presence on media, and I am appalled at how people are tearing me apart. I am not crazy, I'm lost."

Later that day, he apologized saying, "Last night was very hard, but I know I worried a lot of you, and I am so very sorry."

Tuesday of this week, Reed shared more about what he was going through posting, "Was I emotionally devastated? Hell yes I was. Have your brother die, your town explode, your crew be emotionally wrecked, and in the midst of it have your wife leave you because you are lost in your own emotions..."

Then less than 48 hours before his arrest, he signs off.

"I just wanted to tell everyone thank you for all the prayers and support. I'm going to take a break from Facebook to reflect. I assure you that I'm OK. God bless you all..."

Sources tell CBS 11 Reed was planning to check-into a mental health clinic in Austin and had been seeing a psychologist locally to help him deal with the aftermath of the explosion.

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