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Visit Fort Worth Launches Campaign Promoting Businesses That Encourage Mask-Wearing

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - Governor Greg Abbott's decision to end the statewide mask mandate and allow businesses to open up to 100% capacity is putting some companies in a difficult position.

They now have to choose which safety protocols to enforce, with the risk of upsetting customers either way.

"If they require a mask, we'll wear a mask," said Fort Worth resident Wayman Ming. "If they don't, we won't. I'm sure they'll kind of be put in an awkward situation though."

To help people navigate the differing policies at every business, Visit Fort Worth is compiling a list of businesses that still plan to require or strongly encourage customers to wear masks.

Mask sign in Sundance Square
Mask sign in Sundance Square (Caroline Vandergriff - CBS 11).

It just launched Thursday, March 4, and more than 100 businesses have already signed up.

"And we expect that number to continue growing," said Bob Jameson, president and CEO of Visit Fort Worth. "It's trying to speak to that very concern that consumers will have - visitors or locals - about how their experience is going to change."

Visit Fort Worth's "Stay Strong" campaign encourages continued mask-wearing as the virus continues to spread.

"We are not there yet," Jameson said. "We wanted to make sure that we had as current information as possible."

Jameson hopes the information will help people make choices that fit their comfort level.

Fort Worth resident Joanna Collins says she'll think twice before visiting a business that doesn't require people to wear masks.

"Might as well just stay home, stay out of the business, and not worry about it," Collins said.

Ming applauded the governor's decision but hopes people will respect the differing company policies.

"It allows everybody to make their own choices," he said. "If they require it, so be it. If not, that's okay too."

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