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Vietnam Veteran Battles City Of Dallas Over Flag Featuring President Trump

NORTHEAST DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A Vietnam veteran is ready to go to war with the City of Dallas over his support of President Trump.

(credit: JD Miles/KTVT)

Dalas Van Syckle's flag featuring President Trump and the phrase "Keep America First" first provoked the ire of the city about four months ago when he raised it.

"I'm sure I hurt somebody's feelings that came by and was a Democrat and didn't like my flag," said the 67-year-old, who has now received multiple citations.

A spokesperson for the city said they consider it both a campaign sign and a code enforcement violation.

Van Syckle disagrees.

"My argument is it's not a political sign. It's a sign that supports my country and my president."

But a city ordinance does exist stating political signs cannot rise than 8 feet above the ground. The city sent Van Syckle a warning in January about that. After three warnings, code enforcement sent VanSickle a citation.

But the question remains -- is Van Syckle's flag a sign of patriotism or is it political campaigning?

Van Syckle said his nearby neighbors told him they don't have an issue with it. Plus, he said he has a 'Back The Blue' flag flying outside his home that the city doesn't have a problem with. He said he believes if any other president were on the flag, the city wouldn't order him to lower it.

The City of Dallas has yet to respond to request by CBS 11 News for a statement or interview.

Van Syckle has until March 25 to show up in court, which he plans to do and fight the citation.

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