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Sheriff's Office Responds To Reports Of UFO Landing In Field

PRINCETON (CBSDFW.COM) - Deputies with the Collin County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a call in the Princeton area after reports of a UFO, with different color flashing lights landing in a field.

Their hunt for an alien invasion was squashed however when all they found was a remote-controlled helicopter.

The department had fun with the "investigation" though, talking about it with a tongue-in-cheek post on Facebook.

"Breaking News: We are no longer on the hunt for a UFO or alien invasion, but we could still use your help," the post began on Facebook. "After arriving on the scene and thinking, hmmm… this could be the biggest scientific discovery ever; we began our field search," the post continued.

"During the search for the UFO, we soon discovered we weren't hunting aliens and that our scientific discovery would have to wait for another day," officials continued on Facebook. "What we did discover was a remote-controlled helicopter. #NotAsExcitingAsAliens"

The helicopter is in the property room at the Sheriff's Office awaiting its rightful owner.

Call 972.547.5100 to claim it.

U.S.A.F. to have 'Flying Saucers.' Washington, D.C.: The U.S. Air Force announced yesterday that sensational, new fast flying jet planes resembling the popular conception of the flying saucer will take the air soon. Above is an artist's conception of the vertical rising disc shaped aircraft under development for the Air Force by Avro, Ltd., of Canada. The plane will be tested in California in a few days. The announcement was made along with a lengthy report which stated that nearly 5,000 investigations since 1947 have produced no evidence of mysterious saucers.
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