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TTYM: Eminem Crashes Michigan Game, Smack-Talking 7-Year Old And Sammy Sosa Is That You?

by @TaraLipinsky

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Jet's Fight Crew

7 year old, AJ Safa fighting with a Bucs fan at the Jets Game by Sara Safa on YouTube

In case you haven't heard –  Jets’ fans have an awful reputation of getting angry and belligerent during games.

I have no idea why.

Story via CBS New York

Can You Wear White After Labor Day?

In case you are wondering who that gentleman is in the above photo – it’s Sammy Sosa.

No, seriously. That Sammy Sosa.

Do you think he still goes out in daylight?

Well, I guess they had to do something with all that skin whitening cream after Michael Jackson died.

Story via CBS Chicago


What could be more exciting than the ultimate Big Ten Football Rival game between Michigan and Notre Dame?

Apparently, an interview during said game with Eminem who now prefers to be called Marshall Mathers.

Mathers has a new album coming out and he is from the state of Michigan – but why producers decided he would make good interview fodder for Brent Musberger during a college football game is beyond me. For those of you not familiar with the geography of our mitten state, 8 Mile Road may only be an hour drive from Ann Arbor but it couldn’t be farther away from it’s bucolic tree-lined streets.

The interview was awkward from the onset – despite Musberger’s obvious professionalism. Now, awkward interviews happen, and as a one-time television producer, I can understand that.

But when Musberger told Mathers to “stay right here” while they switched to calling the game (which is the reason everyone was watching after all, right?) I cringed and screamed out loud at the producer to cut the bleepin’ segment.

I went back and watched that interview three times, at least.

Obviously, I wasn’t a very good on-air producer.

Oh, and Goooo Blue!

Story via CBS Detroit

Two Years One Cup?

While we're in Michigan...

Apparently the Twittersphere went crazy last week over the discovery the snazzy souvenir cups the Lions sold at their opening day game – were actually from last year – replete with the 2012/2013 schedule.

Does that really surprise you from a team that released a 2013 calendar with Titus Young Sr. on the cover and several players they had released long ago?

How do you think they paid for Reggie Bush?

Story via CBS Detroit

Fashion Fumble 

Let’s hope for his sake Alfred Morris is supremely superstitious and after the abysmal performance the Redskins delivered on Monday Night Football he’ll never wear that getup again.

Does someone have a pair of sunglasses I can borrow? 

Story via

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