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TSA Implementing New Pat-Down Procedures Across The Nation

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The Transportation Security Administration has implemented new procedures to keep traveler's safe this Spring Break, but it's already being faced with negative reaction.

A TSA spokesperson said he's "limited on what can be shared" as far as what exactly is changing during pat-down procedures, but he said the new method "doesn't involve checking any extra body parts."

Susan Dawson, a traveler who flew in to Dallas Love Field Airport from Amarillo isn't fond of the new procedures and is relived to have avoided any further pat-downs.

"It's very uncomfortable... not what I'm looking forward to," said Dawson.

One woman at Dallas Love Field got a thorough check as a female TSA agent asked her to stretch her arms out and proceeded to rub gloved hands down the front of the woman's shirt.

Passengers are typically patted down if they set off the metal detector. TSA rolled out the new procedures to better search for threats at airports.

Aviation expert Denny Kelly doesn't believe the pat-down is as effective as it could be and said the changes to the procedures comes two years after a report found major security lapses across the country.

"If the person doing the search does not do it properly, it's of no value," said Kelly.

Kelly believes a better method is a mix of proper training, rotating agents to avoid fatigue and using scanning equipment.

Although many may find the new procedures intrusive, others see the benefits of the tightened security.

"I think for me it's ok - just to make sure everyone stays safe," said traveler Emily Marucci. "I think it's in everyone's best interest just to make sure no one's hiding anything."


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