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Trump Suggests NRA Should Move To Texas After Lawsuit Alleging 'Fraud And Abuse'

WASHINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) - President Donald Trump on Thursday suggested the National Rifle Association should move to Texas after a lawsuit was filed against the organization by the New York attorney general.

Earlier in the day, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced she filed a lawsuit against the NRA over "years of self-dealing and illegal conduct" and that she's seeking to "dissolve" the organization.

James alleged, "They (NRA) and board members at the NRA abused their power & illegally diverted or facilitated the diversion of tens of millions of dollars from the NRA. The NRA has failed to carry out its stated mission for many years, and instead, operated as a breeding ground for greed and abuse."

The lawsuit came after an 18-month investigation into the organization. The lawsuit alleges leaders in the NRA used millions from the organization for luxurious trips and private jets.

Before heading to Ohio to sign an executive order, the president commented on NRA's ordeal and offered a recommendation of moving to Texas.

"It's a very terrible thing that just happened. I think the NRA should move to Texas and lead a very good and beautiful life. And I told them that for a long time. I think they should move to Texas. Texas would be a great place or another state of their choosing," Trump said. "But I would say that Texas would be a great place, an appropriate place for the NRA.... they've been absolutely decimated by the cost of that lawsuit."

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