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Get Off The Ground At Trinity Forest Adventure Park

CBS DFW - Just outside of Dallas a unique adventure awaits! Eat See Play's Taryn Jones, took the Cadillac XT5 to a tree top play land. Trinity Forest Adventure Park is a combination of a traditional high ropes course and zip line canopy tour.

Are you ready to get off the ground?

First you have to step in, strap on, and gear up. Trinity Forest provides helmets harnesses and gloves.

All climbers get a quick safety lesson and learn how to use their gear. They even have a unique code word in case you get stuck in the trees.

"You have a problem, you need down, shout out fish sticks." Explained course manager Mark Hammers, to the group.

After a quick ground lesson, it's time to take on the canopy.

There are five different courses ranging from beginner to advanced. In total there are over seventy different obstacles, twenty different zip lines, and two free falls.

We started on one of the green courses. The series of tight ropes, cargo nets, and tire walks, lead you to the zip lines. After you challenge yourself on the ropes you get to sit back and glide through the trees.

Trinity Forest has a "locked on the line at all times" policy. They use a series of locks on the course making it hard to "accidentally detach" as you, self navigate the ropes.

The higher you go the harder the challenges get. If you're brave the black course ends with a fifty foot free fall from the top of the canopy. (Trust me, it was a thrill)

The park can be fun for the whole family starting climbers as young as four. However, you should come prepared to break a sweat.

"Know that you're outside… you need to remember that you're going to be doing some physical exertion. so stay hydrated bring some snacks, come prepared to get dirty and have fun." Says Mark.

A ticket allows you three hours to climb as much as you can. And remember, the staff is always below to lend a helping hand just in case you need to yell out "FISH STICKS."

Taryn's Tips for Trinity Forest:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and close toed shoes. I'd suggest longer shorts or pants so the harness isn't rubbing on skin.
  • Pull back long hair in a low pony. Remember you'll be wearing a helmet.
  • Apply sunscreen and bug repellent… This is the forest!
  • Bring a water bottle. They have water at the base of the course but if you don't bring your own bottle you're drinking it straight from the tap (Actually kind of fun)!
  • STAY HYDRATED! Don't want to get dizzy on the course.
  • That being said, use the bathroom before you start. There's no bathroom in the trees.
  • Listen to the staff. Especially when learning your gear.
  • Don't be afraid to shout! Let staffers know if you need help or have a question. They're incredibly friendly and encouraging. They want you to succeed on the course.
    Go at your own pace. The obstacles are challenging but you can do it.

**SECRET TIP** - There is more than one way to get across some obstacles and the easiest one might not be the most obvious.

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