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It's a birthday present one little girl will never forget -- and the video of her unwrapping it will melt your heart.

For her third birthday -- Bridget Carr's family wrapped up a huge box and put it on the porch of their Missouri home.

You can see the box is twice the size of the little girl and it takes her awhile to get all the all the wrapping paper off.

Her family is watching her and they ask -- what do you think it is?   Do you think it's a bike?

But it turns out to be something much better!!!

Dad In A Box by Joshua Carr on YouTube

Her daddy -- who had been serving in Afghanistan pops out!

Bridget covers her mouth and screams for joy before leaping into her dad's arms.

The video was posted on YouTube last September -- but is just now going viral after being posted on Reddit this week.

More than a million people have seen it.


Depending on your sense of humor -- you may or may not find this video funny -- but it's gaining a lot of traction online.

An Iowa dad recorded six minutes of students slipping and falling on the ice outside of a middle school -- as he gives commentary the whole time.

The dad is identified as Alan... and you hear him laughing hysterically every time a kid falls on the ice.

About halfway through the video you hear his daughter get into the car and she joins in -- laughing as her classmates continue to navigate this icy patch of sidewalk.

The video was originally posted to YouTube -- but has been taken down.

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