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Thunderstorms Could Delay Water Main Break Repairs In DFW Area

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - The stormy weather expected over the next few days could be a new roadblock in the race to fix water main breaks and restore water to thousands of families across North Texas.

Jonathan and Jasmine Stoughton of Fort Worth are one example of many families going on nearly 10 days without water.

"Today is our tenth day without water," said Jasmine Stoughton. "They haven't given us any timeline for the repairs, they haven't even told us how many units need repairs."

The city of Fort Worth says those without water are either experiencing residential pipe bursts, or one of the city's 669 water main breaks.

Crews are working 24 hour days to fix the last 59, but are getting a few dozen calls for new breaks and leaks every day.

"We anticipated an increase in main breaks from the extremely cold temperatures we were going to get," said Mary Gugliuzza, a spokesperson for Fort Worth Water Utilities. "We are trying to get on top of the leaks that have been reported as well."

Their hope was to be completed Friday, Feb. 26, but with wet weather on the way, there could be slight delays.

"The weather tonight could slow things down a little bit," Gugliuzza said.

Crews plan to work in the rain, but they can't in thunderstorms.

"The rain presents challenges because you can't always see where the main break is because the water may or may not be flowing but you've also got rain water flowing," Gugliuzza said.

The city of Dallas also says the rain may impact their water main break timeline, but by how much is unclear.

Dallas isn't expecting to repair all of their water mains until next week.

But for apartments and homes without water throughout North Texas, any added weather delays are unwelcome to say the least.

"I am very angry, I get more angry every day," Jonathan Stoughton said. "I am fully expecting to wait longer, but I hope to be disappointed."

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